Friday, July 13, 2012


We all really enjoy learning about and seeing animals. It's amazing how creative God is, to make each creature unique and special. As a family, we love going to the zoo, watching documentaries about animals that live in other parts of the world, and reading animal books. While in Florida, we got to see close up all sorts of animals that we don't normally get to be around (and some common ones, too.)


alligator at Bayou Bill's Crab Shack

baby alligator we got to hold

a tiny lizard that visited often

TONS of tiny fish, several different kinds

mussels & a venomous sea snail

some of the fish were washed up dead on shore

goose-neck barnacles

tree frog that visited our kitchen window 3 nights

HUGE leaf bug

2-3 foot long snake that scurried under the pine needles quicker than I could get the camera out
Plus, we caught a lionfish (Papi), a teeny tiny puffer fish (Mami), saw a bobcat crossing the highway, a red & blue skink lived under our vacation home, and a bunch of armadillo roadkill. (Don't worry, we put the fish back before leaving the beach each day, and the other critters were put back the following day each time.)


 JMC's birthday present. The cars spin around and there are racetrack sounds.

He was a little apprehensive on the zoo train at first, but he calmed down quickly.

 It was 105 that day so we tried to stay in the shade.

And in the reptile building, which had A/C

 A family picture, though the lighting wasn't the best for a photo.

I gave up on my idea for a Pocoyo cake, but went with JT's suggestion of a red cake, JMC's favorite color.