Monday, May 23, 2016

Radio Station & Zoo Field Trip

In April, we went on a field trip with 2 other families to the local Christian radio station. We were the first to arrive(!) and hung out in the lobby for awhile until our friends came and it was time to begin.

We'd been waiting awhile by this time (being early isn't always a bed of roses...)

About to begin!

I kept JL on my back for the first 2/3 of the field trip because I wasn't sure how'd she do with all of the equipment there. After awhile I let her down, and she did fine. One funny thing, though, is that a man introduced himself to me, and then said, with a very concerned tone of voice, "Mam, there's a baby growing out of your back!" I pretended to be shocked and asked if that's where babies normally grow. :) The kids thought this was so funny.

The first room is where the live portions of the radio are done. The room was available for us that morning because the host prerecorded her time in anticipation of our visit. I thought that was incredibly kind of her. We learned a bit about the radio and also that all phone calls are recorded and played later; phone calls are never put on the radio live. The moms understood this, of course, but the kids found this quite new and interesting to think about.

Susan explaining the various computers and programs.

JMC asked, "How exactly do you get the music from your computer to our car and our house?" Susan explained sound waves and how they travel through the air to the antenna. JMC understood (I think) and was excited to see the station's big tower and compare it to the little tower (antenna) on our van.

All the kids who wanted to got to speak in the microphone and hear their voice played back. Susan also used a spiral on their voices, and told them she calls that the "squirrel voice."

The next room is where they make announcements and promotions. The kids were all asked to say "Happy Mother's Day!" into the microphone, but only the girls agreed to do it. Then, the moms were called up, and we were asked about what we love about being a mom, about our kids, and why we like the radio station. I babbled on, like I do, and when I turned around, my friend was teary. I guess I said something meaningful. :) I never heard any of us played on the radio, but I don't listen to it all day, so it's possible.

Waiting in line to read into a different microphone.
When I let JL down from my back, she held my hand for awhile, and then jumped into Mrs. A's arms. :)

Another radio host showing the kids some card games that are fun & educational.

Their giant radio tower. It was swaying in the wind and made me nervous. The HOPE letters light up from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but the city doesn't let them turn the lights on any other time.

JA and her friend K

JL wanted a picture, too. The boys did not want pictures. 

After the radio station, we ate lunch in our cars (it was too cold & windy for our planned picnic) and then we went to the nearby zoo. With our local zoo passes, we got in for half price, so that was great. There were supposed to be baby lions, but when we asked at the end of our visit, we were told they are only shown to the public on the weekends. :(