Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Look who's 8!

 Always so good about wanting a simple birthday, this year was no exception for JA. We spent the day as a family, even taking the boys to the doctor about an hour away because this was the date wee were given for the appointment. JA didn't mind at all and just asked if we could enjoy the day in that city since we'd already be there. We had our birthday pancakes (which I forgot to take a picture of, sorry), sang "Las MaƱanitas" and opened presents. After the appointment, we played at a park a little, tried to visit extended family (they weren't home) and then headed to JA's request of Golden Corral for lunch. We walked around the mall and the kids even got to ride the little mall rides (a first for us, I think.)

She guessed what this was - a fairy Flexi

JT picked out a basket and bell for her bike

Papi took up us up a very high bridge and we looked out over the city

Can you see the city in the background?

The sun was in her eyes

This is my favorite. What do you think?

The kids have AWANA tonight and then we'll enjoy pumpkin pie; JA's dessert of choice for her birthday. Papi is working on it right now, so I hope it is done in time. In about a week, we'll head to my parents' for a party with the extended family. We don't normally, but do try to celebrate one birthday there every few years. And then that's it for a whole year. Time really is flying by; I can't believe my baby is already 8 years old!

Edited to add:
The pie was ready just a few minutes after we got home from AWANA. It was still so hot that the candle melted from the bottom up and the Cool Whip on top boiled up. It was delicious and JA loved it

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not a fire

If you've been keeping up with our family more or less for the past few years, you know that we have had more than our fair share of fires. Three, actually. Well, this was not a fire! I thought I'd get that stated up front so you can enjoy my crazy story without being truly concerned for us. :)

It's been a relatively nice, normal, day around here. Towels hanging on the line, school done with little complaint, 1 child napping, 2 enjoying a treat of Netflix for Kids, and me just laying down for a quick rest. Then, the smoke detector goes off. Well, they've been known to do that, so I'm not worried. Except this time, it's not just the once or twice, but it keeps going. I don't see smoke, the oven and stove are off (I triple-checked!), and then the detector stops. OK, all's good. Then it starts up again, and one in the kids' bedroom goes off as well. At this point, I grab the toddler while directing the older two to "get out!"  I still don't see smoke, but I have plenty of experience here and it's just crisis mode until I can figure out what's going on and what I need to do.

We have neighbors in the apartment above us, and I know they're home, but they're not coming out, so I went to knock on their door. Well, they don't hear me (?) or choose not to answer. I keep knocking, and one of them shouts, "It's us!" and that's it. They don't come to the door or anything.

The smoke alarms went on at about 1 minute intervals off and on 3 or 4 times total. Though the alarms have stopped completely by this time, I still don't know what set them off, so I call the maintenance man. He recommends I call the fire department. He also says the alarms are connected throughout the house, so if any one is set off, they will all go off. I hang up after deciding to call the fire department if the alarms start up again.

The kids (and the dog, who JA remembered to get out) are still outside, and I go around one more time to knock on the neighbors' door. One of them answers it this time and says that the other one is cooking and that set off the alarms. "Oh," I say "so something just burned on the stove?" Well, no, they say nothing burned, it was just the steam from the pot that set off the smoke alarms.

So, we came in and the alarms haven't gone off again. It was just another exciting afternoon around here.