Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mini-Golf Tea Party

So, we didn't play up the tea party bit, mostly because all of the tea party decorations & invitations are girly. Really, JT has fallen in love with tea because it's one of the few things that didn't hurt his tummy when he was sick.

Family & friends joined us at the park for some mini-golf, cupcakes, biscotti, ice tea, & root beer (all requested by JT.) We had a bunch of fun, and the thunderstorms stayed away.

Still wrapped gifts, abandoned as the kids all chased after the Styrofoam airplane

Grandpa brings back the plane w/ a broken tail

uninvited guests

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Spy

Whether it was the Backyardigans episode, "Super Secret Super Spy," or just imaginative play with friends, I don't know, but sometime last fall, the kids began playing International Super Spy. Now, there are intricacies to this game that I am continuing to learn, and some that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. For example, although they are international spies, they can only speak English while playing this game. I have tried reasoning with them, and explaining how being a spy actually works, to no avail, so I currently believe the English only thing is purely to annoy me.

Also, the international spies in this household have to wear all one color. JA is the "black panther" and only wears black while playing spy. The black clothing is so important, that JA has a drawer devoted to it, and is proud to have 2 complete outfits of black. JT is the "arco iris" spy and can wear any color he wants, but only one color at a time. If you watch the archery video, you'll notice that JA is in black, and JT in red.

UPDATE:  Yesterday JA wore all purple! And a few days ago she wore white. Maybe she's beginning to branch out a bit?


I did try to label the boxes while packing, but so much was packed at the last minute, that probably at least 1/4 aren't labeled. That, plus the fact that everything went to the basement rather than the rooms they belong in (which is good because the rooms are small and I was getting overwhelmed) has led to a large number of missing items. I know they are here, somewhere.

So, the things that we've found this week include:
  • our toothpaste (no longer need to use the kids'!)
  • measuring spoons
  • the boys' clothes bins
  • Juan's deodorant!
  • the big soup pot
  • kitchen knives
Still on the list of items to search for:
  • glass liquid measuring cups
  • pasta strainer
  • the kids' shampoo
  • can opener
  • cupcake pans

Overall, we're doing well. So happy to be here; enjoying the yard and basement play area immensely. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Plastic clothes hangers seem to be useful for just about anything. Normally they become pirate hooks, but today they are bows & arrows.

They shoot the hanger/arrows and whichever drawer they hit, that's where they hang the arrow. Double points if they hit a drawer that already has arrows on it. I love that they invent these games. Even better when they play together without arguing.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

First week here

Our beautiful front porch

On the porch swing

Snack time with friends

We have 2 parks within easy walking distance.

Look who got into the box with paper plates & cups! (They said they were setting up for soccer)

JMC was a bit excited about eggs for breakfast. Was he trying to help speed things along by breaking several at once? Not quite sure, but I'll have to keep the "pull the carton off the table" method in mind for the next time I need to crack several eggs.

lunch picnic on the porch