Thursday, May 10, 2012


I did try to label the boxes while packing, but so much was packed at the last minute, that probably at least 1/4 aren't labeled. That, plus the fact that everything went to the basement rather than the rooms they belong in (which is good because the rooms are small and I was getting overwhelmed) has led to a large number of missing items. I know they are here, somewhere.

So, the things that we've found this week include:
  • our toothpaste (no longer need to use the kids'!)
  • measuring spoons
  • the boys' clothes bins
  • Juan's deodorant!
  • the big soup pot
  • kitchen knives
Still on the list of items to search for:
  • glass liquid measuring cups
  • pasta strainer
  • the kids' shampoo
  • can opener
  • cupcake pans

Overall, we're doing well. So happy to be here; enjoying the yard and basement play area immensely. 

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