Saturday, December 19, 2015


There is so much to update here, but if I don't begin somewhere, I'll never get caught up. So, highlights from 1st semester:

This year, JMC is in Kinder! He's doing great learning to read and write, though his favorite subject is math. He has all of the letter sounds and syllables, and knows between 25-30 sight words. He really wants to learn to read because he sees how much JA & JT enjoy reading. (They read for a couple hours every day!)

JT is in 3rd, and JA is in 5th(!). We are studying creation through the ancient Greeks for history, and thoroughly enjoying it. We all love history. This year's science is our favorite so far, as each lesson begins with an experiment (that is actually manageable & with items I have on hand.) :)

We are in a homeschool group with 50 families. The older 3 kids also attend a pe & swimming class at the YMCA. JT & JA participate in children's choir at church, and JA is also in an additional choir for homeschooled students. We tend to stay fairly busy. :)