Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I found this post from November 1, 2012, unpublished in my list of posts. I think I was waiting to add pictures....

The Beethoven channel is playing on Pandora. JMC sleeps (yes!) for his afternoon nap. Batman is at the table doing tomorrow's math page so he won't have to do it tomorrow. Last week, he did 4 pages of handwriting at once so he wouldn't have any on Saturday. :) JA keeps interjecting into the quiet the exciting information about birds that she's gleaning from Backyard Birds of Winter. (Did you know that pigeons like to live near humans and that starlings were brought here from Europe?)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Things I want to remember from today:
  • JT made my bed before naptime & said, "Pienso que tienes demasiados quehaceres porque te olvido hacer algunos." ("I think you have too many chores because you forgot to do some.") It wasn't accussatory, rather sweet and caring.
  • JA's excitement at the idea of starting a journal together.
  • JMC & the Christmas lights game in the car. Someone says "luces de Navidad!" and he responds, "No, son estrellas!" So fun and we've been enjoying this game every evening that we're driving around since Thanksgiving.
  • Finding a card for someone that I clearly remember addressing and mailing out. I only found the card, not the envelope, so who's card did they get? Do I ask?
  • Papi. He's been wonderful this entire time I've been sick, never complaining. And, even now that I am so much better, he still has me take breaks and rest. From the moment he gets home from work, and all weekend, he's taken the lead with housework and caring for the kids, and it has been such an amazing demonstration of his love for me. Love him!