Friday, September 20, 2013

3 months

This month brought about smiles, coos, a giggle or two, thumb sucking, pain-free nursing, and several nights of sleeping all night. It's been a great month!
JMC shared his rana verde (green frog.) 

I just love how JL raises her eyebrows like this. She's done it since the day she was born.

Smiling at Mrs. A.

Thank you, cousin R, for the super cute clothes you sent me.

Testing the exersaucer.

With Ito

Life is good - I have rana verde, blue elephant, and a thumb!

Homeschool Successes

This year we're doing 3rd grade, 1st grade, and preschool. I can't believe that JA has already caught up to the grade I used to teach! This is sure to be a fun year, as I have tons of ideas for activities that my students and I enjoyed, and many more that I never had the time to do in the classroom. Also, we have chosen a new curriculum for this year, and are already enjoying it immensely.

Though we don't have a set daily schedule, we do have a routine that seems to be working. JL does her best to interrupt, as does JMC, but we're able continue on. The best routine we have, is that during nap time, JA and JT have independent work to do. This includes a math computer game, practicing math facts, independent reading, finishing up handwriting practice, etc.  It's working great to keep them busy quietly learning, and having fun, while JMC takes a nap. On the best days, JL naps at the same time and I'm able to rest as well. :)

Another plus this year is that JMC views himself as a reader. He's only 3, and can't really read yet, but he thinks he can. He has me read him a picture book, and then he "reads" it to me. It's so cute! I love that he sees his siblings reading everyday, and wants to learn. This morning, he told me that he's in "prekinder" and he was just so very proud.

JT and JA are reading quite well. They both read above grade level in English and Spanish, and even spend time reading together. JA is great at "doing the voices" when reading aloud, much better than I. Yesterday we talked about her possibly joining theatre when she's old enough for the local homeschool theatre group.

The thing that makes me the happiest though, is that the kids are friends. Sure, they fight like any other siblings, but that is the exception rather than the rule. They are beginning to see that they have different talents and strengths, and appreciating each other for it. They enjoy learning, and enjoy being together.

Checking out a praying mantis in our yard.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed a mini vacation for Labor Day Weekend. Here are the highlights:

At the Science Center

Visiting family:

At Tio's coffee shop

A quick stop at a park for JL to nurse and the kids to run around