Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, JT!

We celebrated JT all weekend, with his favorite meals & fun things to do. On Saturday, Grandma & Grandpa surprised us with a visit for the day, we had spaghetti for lunch (one of JT's favorite meals), and then enjoyed an afternoon of JT & JMC's soccer games (and Mami got her first good sunburn of the season.)

This morning we enjoyed chocolate-covered donuts for breakfast while Papi set up the sound system for church. After church, we played at a park, went to Chuck E Cheese, had our traditional birthday pancakes for lunch, and personal pizzas for dinner. JA chose some thoughtful gifts for JT, and he also enjoyed opening many birthday cards, a new Italy soccer jersey, a new swim shirt, & a new game for his DS. Papi & JT went to the video game store during nap time and bought a new Wii game. We played outside before dinner, including a game of one-on-one for Papi and JT. After dinner, the S family came over for birthday cake, and we surprised JT with trick candles that kept relighting. Overall, it was a great weekend.

Showing off his "Professor Gilderoy Lockhart" grin (It's from book 2 of Harry Potter & a fun inside joke with JT & Mami.

We surprised JT with gifts & cards by putting them on the table while he was somewhere else in the house. :)

Reading the card from JA

Making a tiny mud house

JL has been asking for a bicycle of her own (she says it needs to be pink or purple) and today we got this tricycle we've saved from the older kids out of the shed for her. She didn't even mention the fact that it's not her preferred colors. :)

I can't flip the photo, but this is the Steelers' symbol, one of JT's requested cake ideas. The cake is a zucchini chocolate cake with a coconut cream frosting. JT's favorite!

Showing off his gift from JA. (A light up drawing tablet)