Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lilla Rose

Last fall, I finally went ahead and bought some hair clips that I had been reading about for almost a year. Several of the "mom blogs" I read were raving about these clips, so I finally bought some. Well, with Papi's encouragement, I became a consultant at the same time. I gave my first party last week and it was quite fun helping the ladies there style their hair and their daughters' hair with the Flexi clips (once I got over my nerves about talking to a group of adults, I'm so much more used to kids!) JA even joined me as a model. She and I love these hair clips and I just wanted to share them with you. Below are some pictures of the clips in JA's and my hair and then a statement from the company about some special offers they have right now.

Lilla Rose is officially inviting you to step inside the virtual doors of their online shop. Once inside,  you will find creative solutions for all your hair accessory needs, including the poplular and highly sought out Flexi Clip, which has shipped to over 68 countries worldwide. Since its launch in 2008, Lilla Rose, a mostly female-based company has catered to women of all ages!

We are excited to announce Lilla Rose as a true believer in the power of music that we feel can create the ability to move people beyond the product itself. As a company, we will be offering something extra special this year in honor of Mother's Day. All online orders placed Wednesday April 25th through Mother's Day (May 13th), will receive an email containing a link with a free download of singer/songwriter sensation Justine Dorsey, "Mother's Day Song". This incredibly heart felt track has been said to be 'so tender that you'll want to have tissue handy'.

Justine is a young and talented musician with a heart of gold, who is quickly gaining notoriety for her versatile songwriting talents and raw, emotional live performances. In fact, Justine wrote the song "Lilla Rose" as an inspirational theme song exclusively for Lilla Rose Consultants. She simply embodies what Lilla Rose is all about: to help and inspire others to reach their potential.

But that's not all... while supplies last; customers may purchase the Limited Edition Mother's Day Designed Clip of the Month, "A Mother's Love", which has mother and child intertwined within a beautiful heart shape. There's nothing quite as special as giving a piece of your heart to someone you love along with the cherished gift of song.

Want an even better way to celebrate Moms?? Beginning Wednesday, April 25th through Sunday, April 29th, Lilla Rose is offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL CUSTOMER RETAIL ORDERS OVER $20.00.

Let's celebrate the everlasting bond between mother and child with this exclusive offer from Lilla Rose!

For more information on this limitied offer, please visit:

You may also purchase the Mother's Day Song by Justine Dorsey from Amazon:

All Our Best,
The Lilla Rose Team
JMC saw that basketball hoop and couldn't resist. We made several quick dashes over there to retrieve him.

Then, JA found a tree to climb. This is her first attempt at such a thing, and ended with a scratch down her leg. I think she'll be up for trying again sometime soon.

Restaurante Chapín

or Restaurante Español, it depends on which of the owner's you ask. :) Either way, I didn't have to make breakfast. The table was set quite nicely with microwave-warmed bread, yogurt, spoons, and even cloth napkins. And, the waiters had the little towels that hang over their arm. How elegant.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


JT turned 5 yesterday. He has grown so much over the past year, but it is still so very difficult to believe he is 5. He wants to have a party after we move (a mini-golf tea party), but we still always celebrate as a family on the day of the birthday. So, we began with our usual birthday pancakes, went to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends for lunch, spent the afternoon packing, and then had birthday cake with our small group. What a fun day!

Everyone's pancake shows their age when it's someone's birthday around here.
The card from Grandma & Grandpa had a cute soccer player on the front. Too bad he was decapitated in the mail. The kids are inspecting how the head remains balanced on top.
So glad they enjoy opening the cards too!
JT can read!
Happy Birthday! Now that you're 5, it's time to play soccer! (He's been signed up to play soccer for the coming school year.)
shin guards
Their entertainment while Papi & I packed - "let's touch the roof!"

Mr. Frosting - he didn't even touch the cake!

Happy Birthday, JT!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So excited to say that we are moving again! We'll be moving back to Illinois, where we lived up until March 2011. We'll be returning to our home church, our friends, and though not the same town, we'll be the the next town over. (And much like in the suburbs, these towns run into each other and it's difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends.) 

We will continue to rent, but this time we'll be renting a house; with a yard, a basement for storage, and a porch. We'll be easy walking distance from one of our favorite parks. We're also already planning on using the front porch for school on nice days. I can just picture relaxing on the swing with the kids while I read aloud.

We have enjoyed our year (13 months) in Missouri, but are so very ready to return home. We move in only 2 weeks, so I better get back to packing!

Photo Post

A few of the random pictures I've taken over the past few weeks:

syllable & sight word game. Read the word & move # of spaces = to # of syllables. JT wins every time! :) I add more difficult words as his reading improves.

Talking on the phone to "Mana" (that's how he says Grandma.)

We have a similar pic of JA in a lunch cooler

Hide & Seek behind the entertainment center doors

Nearly daily "lucha libre" match. Time: whenever Papi walks through the door! Even the dog gets in on the fun.

Dia de la Resureccion

We spent time with family for Easter, and it was so very good to see them. Our nieces (13 & 15) planned an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, we worshiped our Lord together, and we enjoyed a delicious meal of ham, potatoes, and green bean casserole.

We also enjoyed watching JMC play with their dog, who is only 1 month older. Both "toddlers" play fought over the same toys, attention from others, and even the same bed!

Coloring eggs

He had a ball moving this ottoman all around the room and then climbing up

Happy Easter!