Wednesday, April 18, 2012


JT turned 5 yesterday. He has grown so much over the past year, but it is still so very difficult to believe he is 5. He wants to have a party after we move (a mini-golf tea party), but we still always celebrate as a family on the day of the birthday. So, we began with our usual birthday pancakes, went to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends for lunch, spent the afternoon packing, and then had birthday cake with our small group. What a fun day!

Everyone's pancake shows their age when it's someone's birthday around here.
The card from Grandma & Grandpa had a cute soccer player on the front. Too bad he was decapitated in the mail. The kids are inspecting how the head remains balanced on top.
So glad they enjoy opening the cards too!
JT can read!
Happy Birthday! Now that you're 5, it's time to play soccer! (He's been signed up to play soccer for the coming school year.)
shin guards
Their entertainment while Papi & I packed - "let's touch the roof!"

Mr. Frosting - he didn't even touch the cake!

Happy Birthday, JT!

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  1. I love your pancake tradition! It is so original! :)