Monday, December 8, 2014


I've mentioned before that we are studying world geography and cultures this year. It is actually called Exploring Geography and Cultures by My Father's World curriculum, and we love it! The studies are divided up by continent, and incorporate the ecosystems, climate, and animals of each continent for the science portion, as well as geography, a brief history, and culture for select countries. We also learn about missionaries who worked in the various countries. It's an all around fun time, as we enjoy learning about people and nature. :) Oh, and trying new foods from other countries is a pastime of ours, so that works in well, too.

Thankgiving and into December

Thanksgiving was a blast. Papi and I enjoyed making the menu and preparing everything together, taking turns in the kitchen at times, and dancing around each other quite a bit as well. Papi made the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green bean casserole. I made the sweet potatoes, apple cherry pie, herb dinner rolls, and something else I can't recall right now. Everything was gluten and dairy free, and everyone said it was delicious.

Playing Enchanted Forest

JA and L played Draw Something, sending pictures back and forth to each other.

Ita and JL
 Thanksgiving weekend is when we like to decorate for Christmas. Papi usually has a long weekend, and the house tends to be relatively clean, so it works out well. :) Papi puts up the tree and all lights. He also drags the boxes out from the shed (and commented that we don't have very many Christmas boxes!) The kids and I put on the ornaments, strategically placing the breakable ones up high, and those that are toddler-safe down low. This year, our tree has very few ornaments on the bottom third and top third, but the middle third is quite full. :)

On Tuesday, JMC had his first eye exam. We like to take the kids once they are 4 or 5 years old, since it's covered by insurance and we both wear glasses, so we figure it's only a matter of time. Well, we were surprised to learn that JMC is the first of the kids to need glasses. He was excited, and requested that they be either green or red, preferably both. We were glad to find a pair of red frames that are flexible (like Papi's) and they were ready the same day. It's been an adjustment (for all of us) but JMC is beginning to notice that he can see better with them on, which makes things easier.