Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair (again)

Well, despite the short bob, Bonita was still trying to get her hair to her mouth - even sticking her tongue out to reach the ends of her hair.  So, off we went to the hair salon again.  This time, we went to a place recommended by 2 moms I met through the MOPS group here.  The stylist did a great job, and now Bonita is proudly sporting a pixie cut, "Just like Tia's!" I think she should get her ears pierced now, but she's adamet that it's not worth the pain involved...  What do you think?

Chulo wanted to model his haircut, too.

Monday, March 14, 2011


After over a year of chewing hair, and several weeks of chewing it off,
we had to take action.

Unfortunately, the first cut wasn't short enough to prevent the chewing, so we returned to Fantastic Sam's, and came home with

At first, Bonita was very sad, but has since discovered the joys of short hair, including less tangles, less time spent brushing, less time spent styling, less hair for Guapo to pull, and most of all, fewer discussions about caring for your beautiful hair. 

Un paseo

We walked to the park Friday morning.  It was great to be outside in the sun.

We could hear frogs in this pond; couldn't see them though.

Chulo peaking at me.

Chulo was afraid to cross the bridge.  He managed to do it on his own before we left the park.

Bonita decided to help her friends, the animals, by picking up litter.

She collected quite a bit.

It's hard to believe that today, just 3 days later, we're under a winter storm warning and expecting 6-8 inches of snow. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


The neighbor above us paces back and forth across his apartment constantly.
Bonita & Chulo don't nap here.  They keep coming out and waking me up, or worse, waking Guapo.  Maybe it's because their rooms are so bright?  I'm going to ask if we're allowed to put up curtains.
Guapo hasn't been sleeping well at night.  Last night was a good night - he only woke up 3 times.  Most nights since we moved he's been up all night unless we hold him.
Mercedes is on guard dog mode and barking and/or growling almost nonstop.
Her barking wakes up Guapo.
The dishwasher does wash and the freezer doesn't freeze.
The nearest park is .62 miles away.

Guapo has learned to roll wherever he wants to go.  He can even roll down the hallway.  We're all adjusting to his newfound freedom.

We saw flowers on the way to the park this morning.  They were so beautiful peaking out from the dead leaves.  There are buds on the trees, too.  Bonita decided to help her friends, the animals, by picking up the litter she saw.  She found quite a bit, and the whole time, she was happy, singing to herself happy, to be picking up trash.

Papi came home for lunch yesterday.  That was a real treat, because he's never had time before.  We live only 5 minutes from his office, and he gets 45 minutes for lunch, so he had time to come home and eat and talk before heading back.  Of course, the kids hadn't finished eating - they normally take nearly an hour to eat a meal - but it was nice to be all 5 of us for a small part of the day.

We've been finding all sorts of things as we unpack.  Some of the boxes we had packed over 18 months ago when we first put our house up for sale.  It's fun to see what we find and decide if they are things we need or even want.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Adventure

Began at 7am on Thursday, March 3rd.  We expected the movers to arrive between 8 and 9am.  We were happy when they called at 7:30 to verify our address and give us an estimated arrival of 9:30.  We continued our last minute packing (you know, when all the boxes are labelled "misc.")  An hour later, they called again to get directions to our house.  They couldn't understand why the address wasn't coming up on their GPS.  At 9:30, they figured out the problem - they were headed to Bloomington, IN, not IL!  New arrival estimate - 12:30pm.  Now we better understand why they estimate 2-10 days for delivery of our things.

Movers arrive, pack everything into the truck (they lifted the sleeper sofa between 2 of them like it was nothing!) and get on their way back to Chicago. 

By this time, it's 3:30 and we finish up packing the car with what we're bringing and begin cleaning the house.  Finally hit the road and it was only 7:30pm.  The kids were hungry, so we stopped to eat before we even left town.  Thanks to a sleepy infant, and the wonders of DVDs in the car, we had no stops, and rolled into the evening's destination around 11:30pm.  Chulo was happy we arrived before midnight (it's always his goal.)  Bonita & Chulo went right to sleep (Chulo even slept without his monito!) and Guapo woke up.  We took turns rocking Guapo through the night until it was time to wake up and hit the road again.  We were so thankful for the family we stayed with and the coffee they provided. :)

Smooth sailing to our new town and new temporary home.  So you would think that the excitement was over, but it was just beginning.  Our apartment is great!  We are very blessed with the location being near work, grocery stores, doctors, and in a great neighborhood.  It does come with some adjustments necessary for our family. 

Mercedes is convinced the residents of the complex are actual threats to our family.  The neighbors with dogs are her worst enemies. 

After a long day of packing, cleaning, and travelling, what would you normally like to do?  Well, we thought showers sounded great.  Unfortunately, the water had been turned off to the apartment, and wasn't turned on until after 6pm.  This affected not only showers, but also bathroom usage, and bottles.  Not fun with 3 little ones.  Once water was turned on, we discovered that the master bathroom is missing a shower head.  The hall bathroom is missing the drain stop.  The kids think it's great that they bathe in our tub and we shower in theirs. 

We enjoyed 70 degree weather that afternoon, which quickly cooled considerably during a thunderstorm complete with tornado warmings.  That led to a leak in the ceiling of the dining room; which stopped after the heavy rain was over.

Saturday, we decided it was time to get to know our new city, so the first place we found was the urgent care center.  Yes, I have a severe sinus infection, which is why I've been miserable and cranky for the past 2 weeks.  The doctor was actually impressed with my sinuses, I wasn't amused.

The weather had gone from 70 Friday afternoon to 30 on Saturday.  We weren't able to get out and find playgrounds and such for the kids, but we did have fun unpacking our things. We have found great grocery stores nearby (1 complete with a buffet inside!)

We are so thankful for this adventure that God has given us.  Cooking with our camping pots & pans, sleeping in sleeping bags, using the cardboard boxes for not only a computer desk, but also some cool storage in the closets; are all making this time memorable and fun for our family; even with some of the funny mishaps.