Saturday, March 12, 2011


The neighbor above us paces back and forth across his apartment constantly.
Bonita & Chulo don't nap here.  They keep coming out and waking me up, or worse, waking Guapo.  Maybe it's because their rooms are so bright?  I'm going to ask if we're allowed to put up curtains.
Guapo hasn't been sleeping well at night.  Last night was a good night - he only woke up 3 times.  Most nights since we moved he's been up all night unless we hold him.
Mercedes is on guard dog mode and barking and/or growling almost nonstop.
Her barking wakes up Guapo.
The dishwasher does wash and the freezer doesn't freeze.
The nearest park is .62 miles away.

Guapo has learned to roll wherever he wants to go.  He can even roll down the hallway.  We're all adjusting to his newfound freedom.

We saw flowers on the way to the park this morning.  They were so beautiful peaking out from the dead leaves.  There are buds on the trees, too.  Bonita decided to help her friends, the animals, by picking up the litter she saw.  She found quite a bit, and the whole time, she was happy, singing to herself happy, to be picking up trash.

Papi came home for lunch yesterday.  That was a real treat, because he's never had time before.  We live only 5 minutes from his office, and he gets 45 minutes for lunch, so he had time to come home and eat and talk before heading back.  Of course, the kids hadn't finished eating - they normally take nearly an hour to eat a meal - but it was nice to be all 5 of us for a small part of the day.

We've been finding all sorts of things as we unpack.  Some of the boxes we had packed over 18 months ago when we first put our house up for sale.  It's fun to see what we find and decide if they are things we need or even want.

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