Monday, February 28, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about love lately.  Of course, Valentine's Day is approaching, so that automatically turns the mind toward thoughts of love.  But, I've also been brought to thoughts of love as I watch my children grow.  That God could trust me with such amazing little people is continually incomprehensible to me. 

Friends, too, have been demonstrating love, especially lately as we prepare to move to a new state in only 3 weeks.  Help fixing our house to sell, help with packing, and even a warm place to stay and yummy food to eat while our house is being shown to potential buyers.  All of these are acts of love that are felt by our family. 

The past (almost) 2 years since I stopped teaching in order to be a full time mom and wife have been filled with love from friends, family, and strangers, as well.  Everything from sharing the blessing of extra food to anonymous gift cards in the mail, have been such amazing blessings, each at exactly the right time.

My favorite example of this is a family that receives extra food from a neighbor who receives from various food banks, but is a bachelor and can't use all of the food he receives.  He shares with this family and they in turn share with other families.  Well, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we were getting ready to go grocery shopping for all the fixings.  As we were heading out the door, we got a phone call.  This family had received a frozen turkey and all the fixings, but they were going out of town for Thanksgiving and didn't have room in the freezer to store it all.  God knew that we were about to go spend money we really didn't have, and through this family (and their neighbor) provided us with a complete Thanksgiving meal!

*Originally written February 1st

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