Friday, June 24, 2011


When we first moved, we began the search for a church in our new city.   We began by visiting the local church for the denomination we were members of in Bloomington.  We visited some other churches as well, and have since found one that fits our family, both in beliefs as well as style of worship.

Well, that first church we visited didn't seem to be accustomed to having visitors.  They were quite excited to see us, gave us a tour of the entire building, and even searched out the lead pastor and a gentleman who works at SF.  Nice, but a little too much, ya know?

Well, the following week, when we came home one evening, there was a note on our door that some members from that church had stopped by.  Then again the next week there was another note.  And again the third week after our visit.  The fourth week, Papi was on a business trip, and I was managing without him (for the first time) for 3 days. 

The 2nd night he was gone, I had laundry waiting to be folded on the sofa, more hanging on drying racks in the living room, and was trying to maintain patience with the nenes until bedtime.  We got through dinner (Chulo eating in the nude due to numerous potty accidents that afternoon) and were getting ready for bed.  Chulo put undies on, and I even decided to treat them to ice cream.  So, with 1 child in only undies, another in pj's, and the third very ready for his bottle (not to mention all of the laundry lying about and dinner dishes and melting ice cream still on the table) there was a knock at the door. 

I had completely forgot that there were people attempting to visit us as I opened the door.  They introduced themselves and gave me a gift (pamphlets from the church and a bag of trail mix) and then they didn't leave!  That's when I realized they wanted to come in.  Well, in they came and we all sat on the floor as one gave her testimony and explained the gospel to me.  It was interesting at the end as Bonita answered their questions and they realized that yes, we do believe, we just had found a different church that fits our family.  One of the very nice ladies held Guapo, and they didn't seem at all taken aback by having to sit on the floor or having half-dressed children running about.

I understand why they would do these visits, I guess I was just surprised that they would do them when we had only visisted their church 1 time.  Also, I have since made it a goal to have available seating at all times, regardless of how behind I am on the laundry. :)

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  1. Wow! You don't hear about door to door visiting too often anymore. At least it made a GREAT story to write about :)