Saturday, March 10, 2012


Most winters, the kids get 1 really bad cold each, and then have the sniffles on and off the rest of the time. In fact, before this winter, we had only ever dealt with 1 ear infection, 1 mild RSV, a high fever of 102, and 1 case of stomach flu (and that was all JA). That's it for our first 7 years as parents. Well, this year changed that a bit.

In January, the kids each had extremely high fevers. It began with JA, whose fever topped out at 106.1, though it was controlled well once I began alternating Tylenol & Motrin. She was sick for over a week with a low grade fever. Then, JT got a fever that topped at 104.5. He was only sick a few days. JMC's fever reached 106.2 once, but it hit 105 each time the medicine wore off, and alternating the 2 meds didn't help. So, after hitting 105+ three times, we took him to the ER. 5 hours later, we were home, and his fever did not return. (They gave him Infant Motrin & Infant Tylenol at the same time. I wouldn't have tried that on my own.)

I think the kids were better for about a week when illness #2 hit. JT had a stomachache for a week, and then began the very yucky stomach flu. That lasted for 2 1/2 weeks (if he's really better, though I have my doubts.) During this time, he seemed to get better, and then was worse than ever. We took him to the ER, and after 5 hours there, he asked to stay overnight (he was borderline needing to stay, so it was our choice.) He had an IV through the night, and was so much better the next day. Then, we had 2 more doctor visits to follow up because the sickness kept reappearing. Even after a 4 day break, it came back while we were on vacation. Ugh!

Well, JMC caught the stomach flu from JT, and he was sick for about 10 days. He too, refused to eat or drink anything, and was borderline dehydrated. We had to force feed him Pedialyte with a medicine dropper every few minutes just to keep him from needing to go to the hospital. Papi and I were just sick for a day each, and not nearly as sick as the boys. Though, I did get sick again while Papi was packing the car for our trip a week later. At least I'm old enough for over the counter medicines. Those poor little ones don't really have much remedy available to them other than fluids, movies, and lots of hugs.

While on our vacation, JMC and Papi had fevers, sore throats, and an ear infection. And then this morning, JA woke up with the stomach flu, though it doesn't seem to be as severe as the boys'. 

I'm praying for health for my family, and I am so grateful that their illness' took a little break long enough to go on vacation.

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