Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping Busy

 Well, the school year is in full swing. We began awhile ago, adding a new subject each week, and are now doing pretty much everything. We have also begun soccer, AWANA, and our home-school group meetings. Papi will begin his pool league soon and has already begun helping out as an audio tech for our church. Children's choir begins in October, I think, and we decided to put off art class until 2nd semester. Here's a glimpse of our past couple of weeks:

Sorting shoes to practice classification.

It sounded a lot easier in our botany book!

Hey, as long as she practices math, right?

Writing letters in flour. We've tried it with salt with much better results.

A day at the zoo.

We have a field trip to the apple orchard coming up with the home-school group, and I believe there will be a different field trip each month. Add in the normal doctor & dentist appointments, and we are quite busy. I love it, but also relish those days that we have a blank space on the calendar.

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