Thursday, February 7, 2013


 My camera went caput just a few days before Christmas. Thankfully, it ended up just needing a new USB cable, and we were able to replace it last week. So, now I am able to see the pictures I took in December and thought you might like to see them too. :)

The kids decorated the tree this year, as I was too exhausted to help. I handed them the ornaments, and they hung them on the tree. By standing on the couch and wooden bench, they were able to decorate the bottom 2/3 of the tree. Papi helped out later by hanging the breakable ornaments up high.

JA had a children's choir rehearsal after church one day, so Papi and the boys took some pictures by the tree while they waited. 

Making Christmas cards. We didn't end up sending them because, well, things got a bit crazy and it just didn't happen. Making them was fun though!

JMC did not want his picture taken, nor to be told where to stamp. :)

After hanging the normal ornaments, the kids would make ornanments to add every os often. By Christmas, the tree was covered in paper garland, sting, yarn, and huge paper cutouts. They had a blast, and once we put a stop to the string that was tangling up everywhere, we enjoyed their decorations too.

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  1. It is one day away from March and I am sitting here enjoying your Christmas pictures! What a beautiful tree you had and I love JMC's What's so funny shirt!