Friday, August 16, 2013


Well, we've been down this road before; twice, actually. We're back to going through multiple burp rags, several clothing changes each day, and holding a baby upright for 30-45 minutes after each feeding. JA and JT each had GERD (acid reflux), and now JL has it also. Lucky JMC didn't, and that was such an unexpected blessing. Being that we've been though this before, we know what to do, and also know that it's a condition that will resolve itself, probably by her 1st birthday.

What we weren't expecting was an ER visit due to our little 7 week old spitting up blood. Poor thing! She's on medicine now (as were JA and JT) and already seems to be feeling much better. It also helps knowing that breast milk is a natural antacid, and will help keep her from being in as much pain as her siblings were. This also is the most likely explanation for JL spitting up less in quantity and gaining weight significantly better than either JA or JT.

This does add to the time JL spends in my arms each day, and proportionally reduces the amount of time I have available to get things done around the house. I do use the BabyHawk to wear her on occasion, but honestly, I am enjoying the time with a cuddly baby in my arms. I know the time will go by quickly, and soon she won't want to snuggle anymore.

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