Saturday, April 26, 2014


No, it's not his birthday yet, but JMC has really been growing lately. He has a great imagination, daily deciding if he is a "minja" (it's his way of saying ninja), Superman, Robin (JT is usually Batman), or some other fun character. He also talks about Rana Verde Grande as if she were real. For example, it's often her fault for keeping him awake at night. :)  He is gaining a voice of his own and doesn't let his older siblings boss him around (as much), and is also very protective of JL. Despite all of this growing up, he still enjoys hugs & cuddles, and my kisses still heal his bumps & bruises. I know it won't last for much longer, so I'm really trying to enjoy this time.

Similar to Rana Verde Grande (Big Green Frog), so named because he had a small toy frog at one point.

"Es arte." (It's art.)

The full effect :)

Relaxing with Papi watching sports on TV.

Happy to help choose a winner in a Lilla Rose giveaway I did

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