Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4 = fishing

In our family, turning 4 years old is a really big deal because that is when you are old enough to learn how to fish. Fishing is something fun to do with Papi, and if you get really good at it, you can even catch dinner like JA did when we went camping. JT gave his old fishing pole to JMC for his birthday, and JMC has been patiently waiting for his first opportunity to use it. Well, this past weekend, Papi woke him up early, and off they went. It rained off and on, even with a couple of thunderstorms, and they stood under a shelter for awhile, but he still came back beaming and talking up a storm about how much fun he had. Because he knows me so well, Papi even charged up the camera and took it along. :)

His 1st fish! (and a mouthful of Swedish Fish candy!)

2nd fish

He looks so big in this picture!

It's difficult to tell, but this is when the rain began picking up. 

JMC ended up catching 3 fish altogether. When they came home, they were absolutely soaked through due to the heavy rain.

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