Monday, August 4, 2014

This and That

JMC has been really excited about beginning preK, so much so, that we began a few weeks early. He now knows the vowels and their sounds. We'll begin adding in the consonants later this week.

uva, uva, u, u, u

JA and JT wanted to hold a craft sale. I asked what they would do with the money, and without skipping a beat, simultaneously said, "give it the the K family for E." E is a friend of theirs going through various treatments and therapies, and we've been praying for him and his family for several months now. JA made little bags, balls, and bracelets of crochet, and also some beaded bracelets. JT made paper airplanes and origami animals. We held the sale 2 different mornings, and they made $7.

JT crochets, too!
 First day of school! We begin early, with only a few subjects, adding more each week. This week, we began with Bible, Language Arts, and math. Soon, we'll add in geography, science, art, and music.

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