Thursday, November 13, 2014

a decade

I've been delaying this post for a month, for a number of reasons. First, I told myself I should wait until after the party so I could include all of the pictures in one post. Then, I thought I just didn't have the time to sit down and upload the pics. Then, I didn't have time to write the post. In all honesty, I believe I just didn't want to admit my baby girl is growing up.

It's so fun when they are little; watching them learn to walk; all of the "firsts." The firsts become less obvious and a bit more spaced apart, and you forget that they are growing. At least, that's how it is for me. I can't deny it any longer though - my baby girl is now 10 years old - a decade! My full-of-faith, beautiful, smart, musical, and crafts-of-all-kinds loving, little girl, just isn't so little any more. To my great joy, she has a deep faith in God, and trusts Him and His truth when even I doubt, which calms my heart when I think ahead of the life trials that face everyone. Also, she still loves to create and imagine, so all of the "little girl" hasn't quite gone yet.

Here are some pictures of her birthday, and a few of her party (her very first "friend party" at which her papa and I were too busy keeping track of 12 girls (ages 6-12) that we didn't get many pictures.) I didn't get any pictures of the day of JA's birthday, though we did celebrate as a family. I was 3 days post gallbladder surgery, and still recovering. Papi did take her for professional pictures though. Here are some of my favorites.

JT is hiding behind the flowers, calling out the Bingo words (wildcats of the world)

Our nieces, C & O, came to help out. O painted the girls' nails (cat prints, of course) and C helped out with JL.

Papi used hot glue to fix the girls' craft projects, as the glue dots just didn't hold.

They all crowded around the table to eat cupcakes.

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