Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are blessed to live within easy walking distance to 2 parks. It's been so hot out and we've been attempting potty training with JMC, so we haven't been to the park nearly as often as we all would like. This past week though, it wasn't quite as hot, so after breakfast, we walked to the red & blue park (about 6 blocks away.) It was great! The kids & I had a blast, and by the time we came home, they were hungry for lunch, and then everyone took a nap! We may have to make an effort to get to the park more often. :)

They found 2 crab-apple trees and had a blast collecting them. It was fun to watch them work together. (And it smelled like apple cider under the trees!)

There was a garden behind the park with lots of bright colored flowers, grasses, and even a statue.

They have been wanting to use their umbrellas. Well, it hasn't rained in ages, so they decided to use them as parasols. 

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