Saturday, August 18, 2012


Papi has begun something new this summer - he surprises us by coming home from work early. The first time, he took JT fishing and out for ice cream. The 2nd time, he took JA for her first golf lesson and fishing. Yesterday, he let me take a nap and then took us all fishing. JMC and I just observed - me as the official photographer & toddler wrangler. JA & JT were doing so well fishing, that Papi didn't even have time to put a worm on his hook! They were catching a fish as soon as their hooks were in the water, easily more than 10 fish each!

Learning how to hold the fish. She did not like it.

Showing off for the girls.

Throwing the fish back

The kids had to touch each little fish that was caught. They were all sunfish.

I gave up on the toddler wrangling.

After fishing, we got ice cream and fruit for the kids, and then headed home. It was a wonderful beginning to our weekend, and such a blessing that Papi surprised us with the weekend beginning early.

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