Friday, April 5, 2013


We've been enjoying many interesting conversations lately, especially now that JMC talks well enough to join in. Here's a sample:

JMC was disappointed to learn from JT that he will not grow up to be a mommy. JT did a great job telling him about all the great parts of growing up to be a Papi (you grow up big & strong, you will have a beard and mustache and you get to decide if you want to leave them or shave them off, etc.) That afternoon, JMC came up with a solution, "Mami, hay un mono en mi barriga. Tengo la barriga grande como tu, y hay un mono adentro creciendo. Dije uu, aa."  ("Mommy, there's a monkey in my tummy. My tummy is big like yours and there's a monkey growing inside. It says ooh ooh, ah ah.")

JT accused me of not doing enough chores. I hadn't made my bed, and it is on the chore list. Well, I don't think he'll be making the same mistake again anytime soon. Especially since I was in the middle of washing dishes at the time of his accusation.

JMC saw a picture of an X-ray in a book and that began an entertaining discussion about bones. We touched our joints (knuckles, elbows, knees, etc.) to feel the bones inside. He got it right away and said, "Tengo huesos, JT tiene huesos, JA tiene huesos, Mami tiene huesos, Papi tiene huesos, JL tiene huesos, y Mercedes tiene huesos.  Quiero ver los huesos de Mercedes." He walked over to the dog and picked up the rawhide bone she carries around, so proud of himself for finding the dog's bone. :) Hmmm, maybe he didn't quite get it after-all. :)

JA and Grandma have begun a book club. They're reading, Little House in the Big Woods, and emailing each other after each chapter. It's been good for JA to practice typing, spelling (gmail accuses her of misspelling, not me!), and thinking about sharing her thoughts of what she's read.

JT needs to share his favorite bird in our homeschool group today. So, to make sure he had thought about his favorite bird, we talked about it in the car yesterday. First, he said his favorite bird was "the bird they make out of balloons." I told him that's usually a parrot. Then, he changed his mind and decided that his favorite bird is the kiwi bird. How does he even know about the kiwi bird? I haven't a clue. :) My friend is his teacher in the class, so I'll be sure to ask what answer he gives this morning when it's his turn.

We recently purchased a new home and are in the process of painting and cleaning to get it ready to move into. Well, the other night, Papi and a friend of mine were painting JA's room. When they finished, JMC walked up to my friend and said, "Ahora mine!" It was already after the kids' bedtime and we had to go, so she very sweetly said, "Not tonight." Well, the following evening we were there again, getting more work done, and he asked several times,"Viene Mrs. A. para pintar mi cuarto?" (Is Mrs. A. coming to paint my room?) Poor boy, he is so excited about his new room, and it's just not getting painted yet. So, yesterday I painted 1 wall and it was enough to satisfy JMC that we won't forgot to paint his room too.

Conversations with JA have become more involved. She has asked about peoples' beliefs, war, modesty, finances, and many other big topics. It's been a joy to be able to share with her about these topics, but challenging as well.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Mami! :) I always enjoy reading your blogposts!