Friday, April 26, 2013

"Los pollitos dicen..."

Some friends hatched chicks in their home and we had the pleasure of watching 1 hatch and playing with several others. The kids were even asked to help think of names! JA chose Princess, JT chose Prince, and JMC chose Pollito Prince.

While trying to think of names, JMC said, "Quiero Pollito Lodo." We thought he wanted to name his chick Pollito Lodo (mud chick), but after some discussion and lots of guesswork, we learned that he wanted a chick made of mud! :)

While playing with the chicks, JT noticed something green on his pants. He nonchalantly asked, "What's this green stuff?" and was slightly taken aback by the answer. Thankfully, I had a change of clothes for him in the car, and that ended his desire to play with the chicks. :)

JMC refused to hold one, but wanted to be near the mommies whenever we held one. He did try once to hold a chick, but the moment the little feet touched his palm, he shrieked, "da cosquillas!" and contented himself with just petting them in order to avoid the tickles.

JA couldn't get enough of the chicks, and didn't want to play dress up, with the piano, or anything else. She just stayed in the kitchen for over an hour playing with the baby chicks. 

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