Thursday, May 9, 2013


We went on 2 field trips the other day. The first was to my doctor appointment for the 30 week ultra-sound. The kids were able to see their sister's leg, hand, foot, profile, spine, stomach, and arm. (We were only viewing one side of her.) They were able to see and hear her little heart beating.

The best pic we could get; her profile.

Then we went to the zoo. There were 5 school buses in the parking lot, but not all of those kids were at the zoo, some were at the playground across the street. Still, for a weekday morning, it was quite crowded. We were able to walk about half the zoo before I was too tired to continue.

waving to the gold-handed tamarin

identifying birds

blue poison arrow frogs!!!

watching the armadillo run in circles

JMC was concerned at first, but was happy to tell me, "es un tigre estatua!"

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