Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I received a much needed break from looking at boxes in need of unpacking. We went to St. Louis for the weekend and had a great time. Before we left Saturday morning, Papi and the kids gave me a new tomato plant and some strawberries for my Topsy Turvy planters.

We made it to St. Louis in time to enjoy Grant's Farm, which was our goal. It was wonderful, as always, to see the animals and enjoy the tram ride through the property. A nice surprise for me was that JA was interested in the history of the farm and actually listed to the speaker, commenting to me on how it compared to what she's been reading in the Little House books.

That evening, we took the kids to Build-a-Bear, where the boys were able to spend some of their Christmas money. JA had already spent hers on an American Girl Doll, but she was happy to help JMC make his Build-a-Bear. JT chose a cute puppy dog that he dressed in a Jedi outfit and plays the Star Wars music. He hasn't seen Star Wars yet, but he loves playing Angry Birds Star Wars, and knows the various characters in the movie from the game. JMC chose a black teddy bear that says "Te quiero." He dressed it as a fireman, which is what he wants to be when he grows up.

On Sunday, we went to church and spent the day with Tia V. and her family. It was nice to hang out and relax, and we enjoyed it so much, that we stayed later than planned and didn't get home until after 10pm! It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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