Saturday, October 5, 2013

American History

I mentioned earlier that we are trying a new curriculum this year. I still love piecing together my own curriculum, but this change has allowed for more fun projects for the kids, and a much more pleasant planning experience for me. The history portion for the year focuses on US History. We began with the Vikings and are now up to the Pilgrims. For a couple of weeks we studied the Native Americans, and the kids really enjoyed that. So much so, that JA asked if they could study more tribes, more in depth. :) Also, JMC enjoys participating in some of  the projects, even if he's not so keen on sitting still (and quiet) during the read alouds.

teepees (these quickly became trumpets, so some are already missing by the time I took the picture.)

wigwams (they all loved this project, and I nursed JL while they worked on it, so I wouldn't need to witness the mess until after the fact. It wasn't too least the glue puddles were confined to the table.)

making an oiled paper window like the Pilgrims

comparing oiled paper to regular paper in transparency and protection from rain

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