Saturday, January 18, 2014


JT dressed up to sing in church

It's difficult to see, but JT lost his 1st tooth!

Tia D bought some U of I clothes for Papi and JMC. Gracias, Tia!

Science experiment with water.

JA dressed up to sing in church

We received about 9 inches of snow, and had 2 large overhangs off the roof.

Thanksgiving and the white elephant exchange

JA received a Nativity cookie cutter set.

JMC received GIANT marshmallows in the gift exchange.

JL and Ita

JA made God's eyes to put in everyone's stockings. She made one for JMC in his favorite color.

JMC said, "Gracias, Mami, yo queria un juego de ranas verdes!"
(Thanks, Mami, I wanted a game with green frogs!)

Each year, Aunt L and Uncle D adopt animals for the kids. This year, they adopted a moose, an armadillo, a kangaroo, and a koala. 

Papi & JMC napping

JL with Aunt D at Christmas

JT learned how to make eggs. He likes to make "egg tortillas" :)

The pan was a little small.

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