Wednesday, February 19, 2014

8 months! (and a brief medical history)

JL is now 8 months old. The past month has brought about so much change, that a purely picture post just won't do it justice.

From 5 months to 7 months, JL didn't gain any weight. In fact, at her 6 month appointment, the doctor wanted me to switch her to formula. We've been down that road with the other 3, and it is so difficult finding a formula that the baby can tolerate. I just didn't want to do that if at all possible. We saw a pediatric GI who labeled JL as "failure to thrive" and said the fact that she re-fluxes constantly had nothing to do with her poor weight gain. Well, I didn't take that too well, especially since he refused to listen to me, and said that my "observations as the mother were of no importance" to him. I had already begun researching quite a bit, online and talking with friends, and the doctor wanted to hear nothing of it.

I talked with Papi, prayed, talked with my MIL, both of my SILs, my mom, several friends, prayed some more, and talked with Papi some more. And I researched even more. One friend suggested that I consider eliminating dairy from my diet. Another said it sounded like MSPI (milk and soy protein intolerance). I researched "severe reflux" and found reflux rebels, pollywog baby, and many parenting forums that listed other families' experiences. These parents were describing everything that we saw in JL:

  • inability to sleep lying flat
  • best able to sleep upright on parent's shoulder
  • spitting up large amounts hours after eating
  • BM issues (no need for TMI)
  • chronic sinus congestion
  • chronic irritability (inconsolable screaming)
So, just before the new year, I cut dairy out of my diet. I had read that it can take several weeks for dairy to work out of your system, and then just as long for it to work out of the baby's. And, a week later, I found an elimination diet for nursing mothers, and began that. It wasn't long afterward that JL began spitting up less. And then, she began o gain weight. Now at 8 months, she has gained 14 ounces in a month, the biggest gain she's ever had in a month's time! 

In addition to gaining weight, JL has almost completely stopped spiting up. No more towel size burp rags. In fact, almost no need for burp rags at all! We even stopped her prescription last week with no problems. She's sleeping better, even in the crib! She is happier, is learning to crawl, and we are just all doing better with a happy, healthy baby in the house. 

Of course, she also has her 1st teeth pushing through, so there's a bit of crying due to that, but nothing that teething rings and Tylenol can't help.

OK, you've made it this far, you more than deserve to see cute baby pictures.

Happy & in the crib!

She already likes to read. :)

Mrs. A. & Z visiting. K was playing with JA and didn't make it in the pic.

Ita bought these and they are great! There is a piece of pear inside the netting.

After JMC's turn to feed her. :)


  1. What a darling!!!!! I'm so glad to hear of the wisdom God gave you and the wonderful effects it has had on JL's health!!

  2. We had the same issue with Bunn #1. Reflux absolutely DOES cause slow to no weight gain. What a foolish doctor. If you can't keep food down....hello? I'm glad you were strong enough to ignore the doctor and follow your God given wisdom.

    1. I know, right?!? After I got over (somewhat) being angry with the doctor, I kept thinking, "God wouldn't make breastfeeding work this time if it wasn't best for her. There must be another solution than switching to formula." (She's the 1st I've been able to nurse, though our 3rd to have reflux.) I'm so very grateful to God for the resources available this time around. There's never a dull moment with little ones, is there? :)

  3. Mom to the rescue! Good job on your sleuth work :-)
    She is such a cutie pie!