Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Few Weeks In

For science, the kids had to observe a square yard of the backyard. :)

see the cricket? 

Someone else wants to play outside, too.

School for this little one includes learning to leave a barrette in her hair so her hair stays clean(er) and out of her eyes.

We got out the microscope and looked at water kefir. Once focused, we could see the tiny "good bacteria!"

To kick-off our year-long study of world geography, we baked a world cake. The kids baked the cake (well, they made the batter and greased the pan), Mami made the "ocean" frosting, and Papi made the continents using rainbow Rice Krispies.

See, JL gets to join in on some school time fun.

We met up with some friends at a local nature center.

JL studying her books
 This week we began our study of North American geography. Today involved lots of map work. :)

JMC found the fraction bars

Robin (aka JMC) playing an educational computer game

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