Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Randomness from the past 2 weeks.

JL has mastered climbing onto the sofa.

See JT's legs protecting JL from falling off? After about half an hour, he kindly asked me
to come get her because his legs were getting tired. :)

We began our mealworm project last week. So far, the kids are really enjoying it. This was the 1st day.


Mexican yarn art

JMC needed LOTS of help. :)
Top to bottom: JT, JA, JMC (& Mami)

JT, doing math, on the floor, while entertaining a cute toddler. :)

JA's free choice reading - How Nature Works

Papi sat down with a container of grapes and was immediately surrounded by all 4 children!
It was quicker than when he snacks on candy! :)

JL kept climbing in and out of this tiny suitcase.

JL has a ponytail now! She doesn't like ANYTHING in her hair, though we are making some progress. 

Pinata making. This project was beyond JMC, and he quickly gave up. We'll try again in a few years when he's older.

Someone loves to remove the posters from the walls.

When she can steal it away from JMC, JL really enjoys playing on this rocking horse that doesn't rock, but has wheels.

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