Saturday, April 25, 2015

4th & 2nd

We are approaching the end of the school year, and I realized I haven't posted too many pictures. So, here is a catch-up post. :)

This has been a wonderful year of studying world geography & cultures, along with the ecosystems of the world. As we studied each continent, we also learned about missionaries who have served there, tasted some of the foods, learned a little of the language, and other cultural facts.

JA's favorite part, by far, has been the addition of the "Wildest" documentaries on Netflix. There was Wildest Latin America, Wildest Indochina, Wildest Middle East, Wildest India, Wildest Africa, and Wildest Arctic. JA loved how they focus on the ecosystems in each area and the plants & animals that live there. She has wanted to work with animals for a long time, and seeing documentaries of animals in their natural habitats was very interesting for her.

JT's favorite part was reading Kingdom Tales, by David & Karen Mains. It is an allegorical trilogy similar to the Chronicales of Narnia, but there aren't any talking animals - people are the focus. :) We read 1 book in the series and then took a break to read other books, and whenever it was time to read the next Kingdom Tales book, JT was so excited. We are currently working our way through the last book.

The art projects and science experiments were a big hit, and always made for a fun end to our school day, especially because JMC was able to participate in those as well. All of the kids also enjoyed watching the Families of the World series, that shares 1 day in the life of 2 children (1 rural, 1 urban) in various countries.

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