Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wildlife Prairie Park

I had never been to the Wildlife Prairie Park, so when a friend invited us to go along with their home school group, I eagerly accepted the invitation. It is only about an hour away, but we still just hadn't made it there before. We ended up knowing 3 of the families in the group, met several more, and had a wonderful time. We all agreed that we should go again, and bring Papi with us next time. :)

JA and her friend K

JT & JMC with their friend Z

The whole group

It wasn't easy trying to keep a group this big quiet around the animals! :)

JMC enjoyed getting up close to the farm animals

And trying to work the water pump

JA and her friend M

JT is such a gentleman! He held doors open throughout the day.

JT (with his friend E in the background)

Mrs. A lent her binoculars to JMC & JT for the day. (This is JMC)

"How did they get this statue to look so real, and so wet?"

My 4 with a couple of friends thrown in the middle

Mrs. A and JL

JMC wanted this picture with the turtle statue for Uncle A

Mrs. A and JL walking around at the park.

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