Saturday, June 20, 2015

My baby is 2!

JL turned 2 this week! I can't even believe it. She's potty training (and does pretty well when we're at home) and talking up a storm. She loves to read & be read to, and sings throughout the day. Her favorite drink is almond or coconut milk, and her favorite food is meat.

JA & JT really got into the celebration for JL. They decided to go in together on a gift, and found a baby doll that is just perfect. We ended up getting most of her gifts centered around the baby doll - a doll stroller and doll sippy cups from Papi & I, and a pet doggy for the doll from JA, as well as a "Baa Baa Black Sheep" from Papi & I for her favorite nursery rhyme. JL was absolutely in love!

Throughout the day, every time we would say "Feliz cumpleanos," JL would respond, "a ti!" It was so cute. We tried saying, "Happy birthday to JL" but she she still didn't quite grasp that it was her day. :)

The kids made a bunch of posters for he occasion. 

Picnic lunch outside the zoo.

Just after this photo, it began to just pour! So, we changed plans and wen to a nearby children's museum.

Well, I was all set to bake a cake, but our oven is being temperamental this summer. It is summer, so it's really not a big deal, except when it comes to birthday cake baking. :) Anyway, when you are gluten & dairy free, you can't just run to WalMart and pick up a cake from the bakery. So, we went to our local gluten free bakery, and Papi chose some yummy treats for us. Pumpkin donuts, turtle cheesecake, and apple fritter cake. JT chose to have some of the cherry vanilla coconut milk ice cream that Papi made the other day. As you can see, JL really enjoyed us singing to her. :)

It was a great day! I'm not sure if JL understood that we were celebrating her birthday, but I do think she had a wonderful day.

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