Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Papi #1

The June fun continues with Father's Day! The kids & I enjoyed preparing things several days (and at least 1 gift nearly a month) in advance. Papi had to be at church early to run the sound system (7:15!) so we set everything up after he left and before we headed over to meet him at church for 2nd service. What fun it was to surprise him when we came home for lunch! :)

From JT

From JA

From JMC

From Mami - biography of H. A. & Margaret Rey, the authors of Curious George

A cute poster stating many of the reasons we love Papi, signed by all of us.
JA, JT, & JMC saw ideas for their cards on my Pinterest board, and the older two made their cards on their own. I helped JMC a little, but he did most of it himself, including the message on the inside. :)

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