Monday, August 8, 2011

Banana Bread

We had 3 bananas that were aching to either be turned into bread or thrown in the trash.  Well, since banana bread is a fairly simple recipe, I thought I'd let the kids make it.  I was right there, but busy giving JMC his bottle (yes, he still takes a bottle before nap and bedtime or he just won't sleep...)  Since JMC holds the bottle himself (but prefers to be held while drinking it) I had one hand free to take pictures.  I also handled everything to do with the oven, of course.  So, here's how the kids made banana bread, as told through video and still pictures. (You get the idea with just the pictures, but their little comments are so cute, I just had to include the video clips for you.  They aren't long, I think the longest is just over a minute.)

This is the recipe we used.  I color coded for who should do each part.  Also, I wrote in the utensils they would need as well as missing steps that were assumed in the recipe.

JT's so goofy!

Did you hear that code-switching (AKA Spanglish)?

 Isn't he cute? :)

 JA is in her element here.  She can read the recipe, so she's in charge! :)  At least she's being kind about it.  And look at that toddler taking advantage of my being distracted.  He really was planning on climbing up that step-stool.  Good thing I caught in him the act - we don't have stairs here, so he hasn't had the opportunity to practice such a dangerous feat.

Both JA & JT love to play with and eat raw flour.  I don't understand it and wish they didn't, though most of the time it doesn't really bother me.  I guess the difference is they usually eat the flour left over from kneading bread dough, and this is my whole container of flour. 

So, while the oven was preheating and JA and I were putting things away and loading the dishwasher, JT decided to add extra oil to the pan.  He thought it would be okay to add more, since that was his job at the beginning.  Well, about 14 paper towels later, I soaked up enough oil that the bread should be ok.  We had a nice little chat about following directions and asking forgiveness.

JA did an excellent job reading the recipe, and they both truly did quite well, considering it was their first time baking more or less on their own.  They definitely still need supervision, but I can see the possibility of there coming a day when JA and JT will be able to cook for the family. Yeah!

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