Friday, August 12, 2011

English, Spanish, and ???

I am continually amazed with how well the children are doing with both English and Spanish.  What a blessing that they are able to learn both language simultaneously, and seem to be age appropriately fluent in both.  I knew from my bilingual education courses that this is what "should" happen when children are raised in a bilingual home, but what a wonderful experience to live it out.

Since beginning ballet class at 3 years old, and learning that the ballet terms are in French, JA has been asking to learn French as well.  JT, of course, wants to learn anything JA does, so he's on-board. So, we've begun by listening to stories on Tumblebooks in French, playing their favorite DVDs in French, and we borrowed "Bonjour les amis" level 1 from the library. 

I, however, am intimidated at the thought of learning a new language.  It's been 20 years since I began learning Spanish, and I'm not sure if I really remember how to go about learning a new language.  I mean, it's not quite the same as teaching my children, we're living in Spanish and English, it's not really a subject around here. 

I've heard a lot of great things about teaching (and learning) Latin.  It's supposed to be great for vocabulary development, and it would also be a bridge to several other languages.  I've considered it, but Papi isn't sure.  He thinks the benefits from Latin are no greater than already knowing Spanish.  Then, too, would Latin be any less intimidating for me than French?

There's a terrific giveaway at Life in a Shoe for Visual Latin.  This is a video Latin program on DVD or online.  Somehow this sounds slightly less intimidating...

What do you think - French, Latin, or a different language altogether?

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  1. I think teaching them a little bit of French would be a great idea! Latin seems intimidating, but you are intelligent and would easily catch on. Maybe concentrate on basic words in french, not fluency. That would probably be fun for the kids!