Thursday, August 4, 2011


There are many things I love about homeschooling - tailoring to each of their needs and learning styles, having the time and authority to determine what is important, watching them grow and learn, being able to enjoy spending time with my children - but as a teacher, at the top of my list is getting to choose our curriculum.  Not an exciting topic for many, it is great fun for a teacher.  In my previous life as a public school teacher, I had to teach from whatever curriculum the district could afford, and then piece together what I could to make up for the lack of substance in the approved text.

Well, now that I have the authority to choose, it has been great!  Here's what we're using this semester for 1st grade with JA:

Language Arts-
    along with lots and lots of reading.  JA usually reads during afternoon quiet time, and we also read various chapter books after lunch as a family.  We finished Dr. Dolittle, and are working our way through Las telaranas de Carlota (Charlotte's Web). We have also begun Scientific Spelling.

The bulk of her math curriculum is Mathematics Enhancement Programme (finishing level 1 and beginning level 2.) It begins fairly easy, but introduces advanced concepts in a way that's easy to understand.  A huge bonus is that I can print off the pages at my convenience, and at times, we've even worked with a white board, looking at the page on the computer screen.

We love this curriculum so far!  The kids are enjoying the new-to-us method of note-booking, as well as the experiments we've done.  We are supplementing with various websites and library books, in addition to the Evan-Moor book; which is geared toward younger kids and helps ensure they are understanding the main points.

There is a noticeable lack of Social Studies, but for a good reason.  This semester we're focusing on science and then next semester we'll focus on Social Studies.  Of course, I'm working in geography, map skills, culture, and history, as much as it fits into our daily routine, and Papi is doing his part with culture by including the kids when he watches "Bizarre Foods" on Netflix!

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