Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cave Adventures (as explained by JT)

 Donde? - "A la cueva"

Que? - "Nueces"

Como fue? - "Bueno.  Habia agua fria."

Quien? - "JT, JA, y Papi"

Cuando? - "Hoy.  Despues del almuerzo."

Por que? - "Para ensenar la linterna de cabeza de JT al hombre quien da los cascos, pero el hombre quien da los cascos no estaba alli."

The kids wanted to record in their notebooks drawings of what they had seen in the woods and in the cave.  I was explaining to JA how thinking about the question words can help you to make a complete record of an experience.  JT took the opportunity to answer all of the questions. :)

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