Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chulo's 4! (yeah, since April...)

Thanks to the time & skills of my BIL, I have my computer back!  Let the rejoicing begin!  Yeah!!!

 So, here are some highlights from the spring and early summer.

In mid-April, Chulo turned 4.  His one request was to go to the zoo; so we did, on a very cold, windy Saturday.  We ran from building to building, trying to stay warm, and wondering why they sell ice cream and slushies on warm days, but don't offer hot cocoa on the cold days.

 a flat turtle we all thought was cool

 it really was that cold

 birthday pancakes!

 He wore that pin proudly all day, even to church.

Now that he's 4, he's also decided that it's time to learn to read.  He's learned all of the letter sounds, and is working his way through the syllables.  It amazes me once again how difficult yet exciting learning to read can be.  Thankfully, turning 4 also (finally!!!!!) brought about his cooperation in the potty-training department.

I can't believe my little guy is 4 already.  Recently, he and I had some time alone (okay, so we went to the dentist, it was still just us) and I got to see how grown up he is.  Yeah, he's only 4, but when a certain 6 1/2 year old isn't around, he has a chance to talk and hold real conversations, just like a big kid. 

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