Friday, July 8, 2011

June (the best month of the year)

In June we celebrated my birthday, Father's Day, and Guapo's birthday.  It was a great month and we had a blast with all of the celebrations.  Guapo's birthday, being his first, was especially fun, and we got to celebrate twice - once with my parents, and again on his actual birthday!

My list of birthday blessings this year:
  • the kids actually kept my gifts a secret!
  • Papi took the day off work
  • I slept in!!
  • birthday pancakes (that I didn't make)
  • got to see Guapo's 1st step
  • hummingbirds at the feeder
  • 1st radish ready
  • everyone napped 
  • the neighborhood pool opened
  • I asked to borrow something and it was given to me
  • Angel food cake and strawberries
Father's Day is always fun, though I think it might possibly get overshadowed by my birthday.  I'll have to try and remember that so I can plan accordingly for next year.

Guapo's birthday was everything a first birthday should be - gifts, family, friends, frosting everywhere, and a birthday boy just as happy with the wrapping paper as with what's inside.  :)

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