Friday, July 15, 2011


JMC had his 1 year vaccines on the 5th.  A few days ago he started to be cranky and sleepier than normal (though he'll only sleep in our arms).  He's had a fever since yesterday accompanied by spots.  The spots are multiplying and my normally easy-going little boy has not been happy at all.  A quick trip to the pediatric clinic and we now know:

1.  Yes, he had a reaction to the varicella vaccine at the site of the injection.
2.  The rest of the spots are not due to the same reaction.
      a.  The spots could be from the MMR vaccine (another reaction.)
      b.  Or they could be due to Roseola
      c.  Or they could be due to some other virus.
3.  Those cloth diapers are so cute!

First, I want to help JMC feel better and not be so absolutely miserable.  At the same time, I wish I knew what caused this.  Is he contagious? ("it depends on the cause of the rash.")  Are JA and JT at risk of getting this? (again, it depends...)

So, if you recognize these spots, please share your thoughts.  Your guess is as good as mine. :)


  1. Isaac also had a reaction to his 1-year vaccinations. About 10 days after his appointment he became feverish and miserable and very cranky for a number of days and then the rash appeared, mostly on his--suddenly I can't remember. Face? Yes, I think so. It spread down his back. It seemed to take a long time for the rash to go away and for him to get back to normal. Benadryl seemed to help.

  2. That makes me feel much better, thank you! My other 2 never had reactions to vaccines, did N or A? I wonder what's different now? Anyway, his fever broke last night. Still getting spots, but some of the original ones are beginning to fade. And though he's still cranky, there are longer periods of happiness and play.