Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Best Day

Homeschool has been a bit of a battle lately.  Partly due to the kids' skills being beyond their developmental readiness.  As I type that it doesn't make sense, so I'll try to explain.  JA reads at a mid-3rd grade level in both Spanish & English, but she still prefers picture books, and is just beginning to have patience for chapter books.  JT reads at a kindergarten level in Spanish (he can read slowly, sounding out each syllable) and a preK level in English (common words.) He doesn't enjoy reading or writing at the moment because it still takes so much effort. His patience for read alouds is also much less than his sister's, and books without pictures are just awful in his opinion.

Yesterday, though, we had a breakthrough.  The kids listened to stories and our science text while under a blanket tent they had made.  JA even did her math under that tent!  I wonder what other ways we can make learning more fun around here.  We don't do a lot of workbooks or textbook learning (mostly learning from our reading and conversations), but there is some, and those are the things that cause the most problems.  Maybe we can work at a park one day, or find other easy changes to liven things up a bit. 

Listening to a read aloud

This is JT.  He's always so goofy and loves when he can makes us laugh.
They built this together, without arguments.  Clean-up didn't go as well.

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  1. You have a lot of patience, Jenny, being a home-school mom! Keep it up! You're doing great!!