Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feliz cumpleanos, Papi!

Birthdays are a big deal around here.  Not the "rent a jump house and have all matching paper goods" kind of big deal, rather the "take a day off from school and work and spend time celebrating together" kind of big deal.  So, Papi took today as a vacation day and spent his birthday celebrating with us.

We had a great day planned, and we ended up doing most of it.  We had our special birthday pancakes, and shared the cards and gifts we had made for Papi.

Then, we went to a nearby park and kicked the soccer ball around.

Later, we ate lunch at a Chinese buffet we hadn't been to yet and Papi had been anxious to try (he really misses Ming's.)

After naptime, we had birthday cake (pumpkin pie cake with cream cheese frosting) and then went to the mall in search of Wii games.  Papi didn't find what he was looking for though. :(

We had planned to go fishing, but it was too windy for that, so instead, we went to another park and the kids modeled some of the knit hats I've made that I'm going to try to sell on ETSY.

It was a wonderful day just hanging out together and celebrating another year with Papi!

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