Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last year, I made JA a reversible bag based on this tutorial, plus a pocket.  I made it smaller though, making the finished bag about the size of a sheet of notebook paper.

This week, I made a new bag for JA, as well as a bag for JT.  JA's bag is based on the same tutorial, using the suggested measurements.  I added 2 pockets and made the strap reversible as well. 

For JT's bag, I used this tutorial.  I wasn't able to figure out the accordion fold double pocket, so I made it a single pocket.  I also left of the D-ring, as I didn't have one on hand.  Maybe I'll add one later.

At AWANA tonight, a mom asked if I make the tote bags to sell! 

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  1. Maybe you should consider it since you have so much spare time. :) Just kidding. It would be a neat opportunity, though.