Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Time

We went camping this weekend and had a great time. Though we were disappointed the H family couldn't join us due to illness, we still enjoyed being outside and spending time together.

Here are some highlights of our weekend.

Lunch when we got there

Cooking hot dogs

Helping Papi set up the tent

Crunchy fall leaves!

Mark Twain Historic Site

Staying warm in the car

Mark Twain Lake

We didn't feel bad about not catching any fish - the seagull didn't have any luck either!

JMC was exhausted, but would only sleep in Papi's arms.

 We all enjoyed our time away. Everyone's favorite part:
JMC - running
JT - "los angelitos gigantescos!" (the gigantic marshmallows)
JA - "Ver el venado en el bosque durane nuestro paseo." (Seeing the deer on our walk in the woods.)
Mami - Hanging out and talking with Papi by the campfire after the kids were in bed.
Papi - Being together with everyone.

Now we're home and have a mountain of laundry to do (even the clean clothes smell of campfire!) The kids are asleep, exhausted from all of the running around, and I am beginning to warm up again.

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